10 July 2010

Winter ~ Living in Harmony with the Seasons

By Kristie Ussher
Acupuncturist and TCM Herbalist at Ocean Acupuncture, Curl Curl

The ancient sages of China promoted the benefits of living in harmony with the five seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Late Summer, and Autumn.

Winter completes the cycle of the five seasons and is a time for nature to prepare for the birth and growth of new energy in the Spring.

The cold of winter contracts and drives us inwards as we seek refuge, warmth and comfort. Winter is a time to rest, reflect and rejuvenate so that our energy reserves can be replenished and consolidated ready for the outburst of Spring. It is a time to be thoughtful, reflective and introspective.

In Chinese Medicine, Winter is associated with the Water element and is related to the organs of the Kidney and Bladder, which govern the body’s water metabolism.

These organs are most vulnerable to developing imbalances during winter. However, problems may not manifest until later in the year. Conditions that are associated with an imbalance of the Water element may include:

- bone problems (such as arthritis)
- lower back pain, knee pain (that is worse in cold weather)
- hearing difficulty
- hair loss
- any problems relating to the urinary system
- premature ageing
- sexual and reproductive problems
- infertility
- excessive fear and insecurity.

Element: Water
Season: Winter
Organs: Kidneys & Bladder
Flavour: Salty
Emotion: Fear
Colour: Black

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