16 November 2010

Parenting workshops with a difference

For all parents who are looking for loving, effective ways to relate to their children and create a harmonious home:

Love in Action: An approach to discipline
A home of harmony and cooperation is possible for any family given the right tools. In this introduction to LOVE IN ACTION parenting, early childhood educator Galit Fisher works with parents of children under 12 to show them a recipe for a more loving way to resolve family conflict. Galit reveals ways to talk with children in a way that brings out the best in them. Come and join an interactive workshop where discussion is encouraged. Carers and teachers are also invited.

Discipline and Personality Types
Understanding your child's temperament (and your own) is the key to creating a harmonious home and resolving family conflict. This LOVE IN ACTION workshop, run by popular parenting expert Galit Fisher, will give parents tools to bring greater cooperation and more effective communication between parents and children. Learn how to bring out the best in your children by making the most of their natural abilities and how to recognise what your child's needs are when they act out or refuse to cooperate.

Discipline and Communicating with your children
Better behaviour is easily achieved when you speak your child's language. In this practical LOVE IN ACTION workshop popular parenting expert and teacher Galit Fisher will teach you to identify what your child most values and the most effective way of communicating. When a child feels loved and heard the result is a more harmonious home, with greater cooperation and less conflict. Share your parenting challenges in this interactive workshop.

Download the full brochure at: http://www.hkcc.nsw.edu.au/files/full-brochure.pdf

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