21 November 2010

New hayfever treatments

New 4-5 week treatment programs for people with hayfever
For more information, please contact your acupuncturist
or phone the clinic on 9938 2182

While Spring means hayfever season for many people, others experience hayfever in Winter, or even year-round.  Also called "allergic rhinitis", hayfever is an allergic response that results in sneezing, blocked nose, itchy watery eyes and a foggy feeling in the head.

In Chinese medicine, we look at several body systems to determine the unique imbalance in every person. The allergic component of hayfever is usually dominated by one of the following organ energy systems:

  • "Spleen-pancreas" - other symtpoms can include any of: loss of appetite; sluggish digestion; bloating; gas; loose stools or constipation; blood sugar fluctuations; weight issues; tiredness.
  • "Kidney" - other symptoms may include: sore lower back; dark circles around the eyes; family history of allergy; fertility or sexual issues.
  • "Lung" - where respiratory symptoms dominate.

Our hayfever program comprises herbal prescriptions in high doses over a short time period. This can be supported by acupuncture treatments to enhance the effect of the herbal medicine. The active components of the herbal medicines reduce inflammation and congestion, thus treating the symptoms.  Importantly, they also address the root imbalance so that you are creating a better environment overall and helping your whole body to function with more ease and vitality.

It's also a good idea to avoid common problem foods as recognised by Western and Chinese medicine, such as:
  • dairy (cow's milk products)
  • peanuts and tree nuts
  • chocolate
  • wheat
  • shellfish
  • eggs
  • fish
  • soybeans and soy products (eg soy milk, tofu, tempeh but read all packaged food labels)
As part of the program, aim to avoid these foods for a few months if you can. Your acupuncturist can suggest alternatives, such as a good brand of rice milk to replace cow milk and soy milk. We can also direct you to recipe sources for making your favourite meals without the problem ingredients above.

Once you've had several weeks away from the problem foods, you can bring them back one at a time, testing each one a few times to check for delayed reactions. For example, when re-introducing wheat you can try baked products three or four times over a week or two, starting with a small amount and building up, and checking your reactions as you go.

Hayfever can really impact on a person's quality of life.  This intense, short program is a great way to get the symptoms of hayfever under control, and heal the body's imbalances to create good health for the future.

New 4-5 week treatment programs for people with hayfever
For more information, please contact your acupuncturist
or phone the clinic on 9938 2182

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