01 January 2011

Acupuncture for $29!

Your first acupuncture session is only $29 if you come in Jan or Feb 2011.

This is a great offer open to anyone who is new to our clinic and has their first appointment in Jan or Feb 2011. 

Even if you're already seeing Sonia for Bowen Therapy or Pia for Naturopathy, you're still eligible for this great special if it will be your first acupuncture session at our clinic.

Tell your friends and family!  We all know someone who's been meaning to try acupuncture for ages -  this is their chance to see what it's all about.

To secure your appointment, call us on (02) 9938 2182.

We're located at:

Shop 2, 35 Adams St
(Corner of Lalchere St)
Curl Curl NSW 2096

This post is brought to you by Lois Nethery, acupuncturist and Chinese medicine herbalist at Ocean Acupuncture in Curl Curl.

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