01 September 2011

Back to basics this Spring

This month we're helping you get back to basics - simple things you can do for yourself to have more energy, feel lighter and brighter and enjoy life.

Why wait for January 1st to make your New Year resolutions to get healthy (usually fuelled by a bit of silly-season guilt!).  Spring is actually the perfect time for new beginnings, as the natural energy of the seasons will support you.

In Chinese medicine, the quiet stillness of the Yin in Winter suddenly gives birth to a rush of new growth as the bright, active Yang energy bursts forth in Spring.  We can harness this natural exuberance by being in touch with the energy of the new season.

Here's how you can look after yourself by embracing the fresh, upward-and-outward-moving energy of Spring:
  • get moving with simple, fun exercise - Belinda has some great ideas on how to easily incorporate more movement into your life
  • eat plenty of fresh, seasonal food - Kristie shares her secrets on making fabulous salads that are packed with nutrients, crunch and luscious flavour
  • drink plenty of clean water - Lois explains why water is vital for lightness of body, mind and spirit and shows you how easy it is to make sure you're getting enough
  • sleep well at night - Sonia shows you 7 great tips for getting a good night's sleep
  • refresh your mind - attend this free meditation course, ideal for beginners or those wishing to get their meditation back on track
  • treat yourself - seasonal acupuncture to adapt your energy to Spring, Bowen therapy to encourage flow or massage to relax and release tension - get your body in tune with natural treatments (this link will take you to the therapist page on our website)
  • treat your kids - attend this free talk on Saturday 24th September to learn how to care for your children with natural medicine and kitchen cupboard remedies
  • consider a gentle detox - see this article from last Spring about shaking off the excess that has settled in our bodies during the stillness of Winter, and use the energy of Spring to naturally rejuvenate Spring's related organs - Liver and Gallbladder

    If you'd like to find out how acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Bowen therapy and massage can help you, please:

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