01 September 2011

Put some spring in your step

Spring has sprung!

In Chinese medicine, Spring is about change, new beginnings and shaking off that winter drudgery. If you have been neglecting your exercise, now is the time to resurrect it.

Here are a few simple ways to get the body moving:

We all know it's good for us. The early morning wake ups and warmer weather is ideal for getting out for a morning (or evening!) walk. We're so lucky to have direct access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so get down there and enjoy natures beauty. If you find it hard to get out of bed, try to remember how good you will feel afterwards. Rope a friend into meeting you, so you have no excuse to roll over.

The Liver energy relates to Spring and it governs the tendons and muscles. In Chinese medicine, the Liver stores blood during restful times and then releases it to the tendons and muscles in times of activity, promoting muscle and tendon health and flexibility. Try to incorporate a morning stretch into your routine, even if it is just ten minutes. Yoga and Pilates are great for working the muscles, tendons, mind and body.

Walk the dog/take the kids to the park
Have you noticed how much energy small children and dogs have? Playing with kids and walking/throwing balls for dogs is a really fun way to get moving and get some exercise.

Incidental Exercise
We all know about taking the stairs and getting off the bus one stop early. Nothing is too small and it does all add up. Things like walking to the shops, washing the car by hand, playing with the kids at the park and getting out in the garden are all ways to incorporate exercise into daily life.

Change your social habits
Instead of meeting that good friend for a coffee or a drink, why not go for a walk, hire kayaks, play tennis or take a dance class together? It might even become a regular thing.

Bike riding
It's a great mode of transport, environmentally friendly and good for your fitness. Most of all, it's fun! There are some great bike tracks around to make the most of too.

As you can see, including exercise and movement into your life doesn't have to mean signing up to a gym or going for a 10km run. With a few small changes you can see a big difference in your health and fitness.

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